What is RBC Signals?

The RBC Signals Global Ground Station Network aggregates the unused capacity of existing satellite ground stations around the world.

We provide a clean and simple way for ground station operators to increase the revenue generating potential of their systems.

How does it work?

RBC Signals does all of the difficult work of finding satellite customers, understanding their technical needs, and matching them with ground stations like yours which meet their requirements

Customers use RBC Signals platform to schedule support passes on our global network of ground stations

If your antenna is available, the pass is scheduled!

Your ground station supports the pass, and the data is delivered to the customer via the RBC Signals platform in the cloud

RBC Signals sends you a check every month for the passes you’ve supported for our customers

Why join?


You’ve already paid for your antenna, why not put it to work for you?

Every dollar generated through RBC Signals flows to the bottom line.


What happens if your antenna stops working?

Joining the RBC Signals network opens new options for dealing with the unexpected.


We make it easy!

We’re only using your unneeded capacity, so there is no risk to your current or future operations.

Service levels

Priority Services

  • Confirmed in advance
  • May not be "bumped" once accepted (except for emergencies)
  • Higher revenue share % in recognition of opportunity cost

Background Services

  • Provided on a "as available" basis
  • May be “bumped” at any time
  • Lower revenue share %


No. Come as you are, and we will work to bring customers who are compatible with your existing systems. In the event system upgrades are required to meet the needs of a particular customer, we’ll work with you to make the process as smooth as possible, if you’re interested.

No problem! We’re here to help you generate profits from the unused capacity of your ground station. If the capacity of your system is used up, we’ll build more.

No. We work with your existing operations processes and M&C systems to communicate antenna availability and pass requests. You maintain full control of the operation of the antenna itself.


To get an invitation to our private beta program or join our partner network, please contact us by filling out this form: