What is RBC Signals?

RBC Signals provides global satellite ground station “infrastructure as a service” that gives you simple real-time access to your satellites in Low Earth Orbit.

Our Global Ground Station Network provides access to 30+ antennas, and we're continuing to expand!

How does it work?

RBC Signals does the difficult work of understanding your technical needs and matching them with ground stations which meet your requirements, providing engineering and regulatory support as needed.

Use the RBC Signals platform to see available support passes on our global network of ground stations

Schedule passes as needed to support your mission requirements

Our ground station supports the pass, and your data is delivered directly to your servers via the Internet.

You only pay for the services you use, with easy tools to track your usage and subscribtion details

Why RBC Signals?


Our unique model allows us to meet your operational needs better than anyone else.

The right services, when you need them.


Our team has been building and operating ground stations all over the world for over 25 years.

Let us put our experience to work for you!


We make it easy!

You have enough on your mind. Let us take care of your satellite communication needs. It’s all we do.

Service levels


  • Guaranteed ground station capacity
  • Dedicated equipment option available
  • Mission-optimized locations and hardware
  • Best for core support of mission-critical communications
  • Easily combined with Priority and Background services


  • Priority access to available global network capacity
  • Schedules can be locked-in up to 48 hours in advance
  • Passes can be scheduled as little as 30 minutes before AOS
  • Subscription-based service with volume discounts
  • Flexible option for meeting on-demand low latency requirements


  • “As available” access to global network capacity
  • Passes are requested in advance and will be supported if available
  • Subscription-based service with volume discounts
  • Perfect for archive-building, non-critical or latency-tolerant data
  • Lowest cost connectivity


Each country manages their spectrum and regulatory policy differently. The licenses required will depend on which ground stations in the RBC Signals network you’d like to use. Regardless of the location, RBC Signals can assist you with any domestic or international regulatory filing requirements.

The RBC Signals network currently supports VHF, UHF, S-band, and X-band services. Ka-band antennas are expected to come online within the next 12 months. If you are using “non-standard” spectrum or modulations, we have the ability to support custom requirements from both a technical and regulatory standpoint. Contact us to discuss your custom solution.

RBC Signals can help! The incredible experience of our engineering and regulatory teams allows us to quickly evaluate your business to determine how to most efficiently meet your customer’s needs. We don’t just focus on one metric, but take a systems-based approach to evaluate the technical and regulatory cost and risks for the life of the mission.

Our goal is to meet your data delivery requirements in the most efficient way possible. Our mix of “core” and “network” assets allow us to tailor solutions that meet your needs today with flexibility to grow with you. Generally speaking, we provide services on a subscription basis with price advantages for higher volumes and committed contracts. Contact us for a custom quote.

Yes! Many of our ground stations are capable of providing real-time uplink as well as downlink services.


To find out how RBC Signals can help you with your TT&C and payload data downlink solution, or to join our partner network, please contact us by filling out this form: